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Get Rid Of Your Fat Clothes

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Get Rid Of Your Fat Clothes

This morning I had a member tell me that her gym membership was costing her more money than she had ever expected. We have a good relationship so I wasn't sure if she was serious or messing with me. Come to find out that she was ecstatic with the progress she's made so far and has already dropped 2 sizes. And yesterday she had to take some time off to go shopping since her work clothes (and gym clothes) no longer fit.


In this instance, I really didn't mind costing my clients more money. When your goal is fitness and fat loss, this is going to happen. You're going to reduce body fat and drop sizes, and you're going to need to buy a new wardrobe. It's a legitimate excuse to go shopping. Win-win!


So, I asked my client what she was going to do with her old clothes. She said "you mean my fat clothes?" I said "sure, your fat clothes, what are you going to do with them?" She told me a lot of them she was going to donate to a women's shelter but she was going to keep some of her favorites.




Donating the clothes is a good idea. I love it. But keeping a few "fat clothes" in the closet is a really BAD IDEA. To be be fully committed to this new lifestyle, this new version of yourself you can’t give yourself an out. And that’s exactly what keeping the larger clothes in the closet does.  You have kept in your back pocket (or the back of the closet) the option to slide backwards. Keeping the clothes that are now too BIG for you shows you don't fully believe that you can continue down this path.


Conversely, if you donate ALL of the clothes, you are forced to be ALL IN! You're telling yourself and the world you're committed to this new, healthier you. And if your new clothes start getting tight, you'll be more motivated to get back on track since you won't have the option to just wear your old, bigger clothes. Making it hard to go back to old habits is the way to go. Those closes don’t represent who you are today anyways.  They represent who you WERE!


I believe it was Michael Jordan who said it's easier to be 100% committed than 80% committed. By donating your larger clothes, the clothes that no longer fit you because you've made such amazing progress, you're showing your 100% committed to your new, healthier self.


Remember… Keep pushing forward, don't look back, and stay committed to your goals.


Stay well,

Coach Corey

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