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What Did He Say At Halftime?

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What Did He Say At Halftime?

My hat is off to the Detroit Lions and Dan Campbell. What he has done for that team is nothing short of amazing. And last night it appeared as though they were going to absolutely annihilate the 49ers. They could score at will. The Niners looked completely lost. It was total domination.

Admittedly I watch football as much for the game as I do for the coaching. After all, these are some of the best coaches in the world. I can always learn something from watching them. And I'd really love would be to hear what they say to their team in the locker room. What exactly did Kyle Shanahan (head coach of the 49ers) say in those 15ish minutes to his defeated players?

After half-time, the 49ers came out a different team. It truly was like 2 completely different teams playing in the 2nd half. What was said to elicit such dramatic change? To bring out the eye of the tiger in 53 men during that brief intermission. That's coaching GOLD!

I imagine myself often as a big leagues pro coach, but instead of hyping up George Kittle or Colin Mccaffrey (both players for the 49ers) to win a playoff game, I'm hyping up Ms. Smith to achieve her fitness and fat loss goals. To some this may seem silly. But that's how I see it. As a coach we want to bring out the best in our players/clients. And I always question what could I say, what could I do, to bring out that eye of the tiger in Ms. Smith?

Whatever Coach Shanahan said at half-time made his team believe. Made those players want to be better. To perform their very best. To be winners. As I watch these games, I'm certainly in awe of the athleticism of the athletes on the field, but I'm in even greater awe of the coaches in the locker room. That's where the game is truly won or lost.

So Ms. Smith... LFG! It's Monday. Get your game face on and make this a GREAT week! No excuses. Execute the game plan, do what you know you need to do, and you'll dominate your fitness and fat loss goals! HIGH-FIVE!

Have a GREAT week everyone!

-Coach Corey

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